Alex Dombroff

Alex Dombroff has been a good friend since we were both 12.  We met on the Ivory Coast in Australia while we were both on holiday.  Dombroff has always been into photography and always loved the outdoors.

After his father died in 1997, Alex Dombroff went on a personal retreat through the wilderness, literally.  He walked nearly 30 miles in 3 days photographing everything he saw.  In those 3 days he filled 13 gb’s of flash memory and had to stop taking pictures during the second day.

While on his wilderness journey Alex dombroff realized something and related it like this, “While we are alive we don’t think about death.  While we are dead, we don’t think about life.”

After 3 days alone, thinking, that is all he came up with.  That and about a million pictures of kangaroo and trees.

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